Our Customers LOVE Us!

At Adam and Company Plumbing, customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Check out some of these 5-star reviews and testimonials from our loyal customers.


"They picked up on the first call and I was actually speaking to Adam! We scheduled an appointment the same week for Water heater maintenance. He also triaged an issue we were having, at our request. Adam spoke with us for quite a while answering questions and talking about possible issues and solutions. Was pleasantly surprised that he was spot on about the issue and didn't push extra unnecessary repairs. Highly recommend! He was a great guy to work with. We'll be using him again."

- Julie, Google Review


"So I know enough to be dangerous when it comes to plumbing repair. I did my due diligence when I had a leaking bath faucet, took parts to a home repair store where they advised parts are old, no replacements. Called a reputable corporate plumber for a consult and without even taking anything apart as I had, said yeah you’re just going to have to replace it - minimum in the 1-2 K range. At that point was considering investing in a whole remodel, but thankfully one of those referred me to Adam. He actually took apart the faucets and easily replaced the parts causing the leak. Advised on the parts I could pick up from Lowe’s myself to replace the knobs. I always prefer independent contractors over the known name but it can be hard to find one you trust. Adam has my business!" 

- Emma, Google Review